Leonie Greyling – Graham Beck Allure sparkles beautifully!!

The Graham Beck Allure sparkles beautifully!!

Lovely fresh, dry wine with subtle sweet notes – quite closely resembles the real thing!!!

Leonie Greyling

Danielle Rosen – I bought a bottle

I bought a bottle of Allure as a special surprise for a friend who is trying hard to live her healthiest lifestyle. It was her birthday and I just knew that the day wouldn’t be the same without the special ‘pop’ of some bubbly. I am so glad I bought this for her. She spent the day dancing and smiling without any guilt or fuzzy head feelings. The wine was stunning – I only wish I had bought more!

Danielle Rosen

Kyle Davies – My wife

My wife went to “a girls night in” at a friend’s house and expressed concerns about driving home after a glass or two. I surprised her by putting a case of Allure in the passenger seat of her car before she left. She was so excited and said she couldn’t wait to tell the girls. As they say, “Happy wife, happy life!”

Kyle Davies